Movie Night!

Of course I had to go all out and get the novelty bucket and cup!

For my first Movie Night post, The featured movie is The Lion King from Disney!

I have been super excited about Disney doing all these live action remakes of their movies. I have seen almost all of them so far and plan to see the 2 I haven’t seen yet very soon.

I just saw The Lion King on Friday (opening night) and it did not disappoint! It was so great getting to relive a childhood favorite and even take a small trip down memory lane from when the original came out.

Got to see it opening night man! ❤

I love how they stuck as close as they could to the original as they could and that the changes that were made felt more like it was to just keep things fresh and were pretty funny in my opinion. There was only one part that left me bummed and I won’t say because, I don’t want to spoil anything. One of my personal favorite parts was left out. I will just leave it at that!

All in all, this was a fantastic remake! I highly recommend going to see it if you can. I don’t think you would be disappointed at all! One of my best friends and I sure weren’t! We were both like kids at Christmas over this movie and were so happy with the outcome. We are sorry to all the people around us that had to listen to us singing along with all the songs! We tried to control ourselves but it proved impossible. LOL!

My friend and I impatiently waiting for the movie to start!


On days like today, I get bored and lonely. My kids are with their dad this week and I am trying to save all the money I can so I have not been going out much. Though I do miss the companionship of having a man with me, I still wouldn’t change my current situation.

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I thought it was possible to still be happy while feeling lonely, I would have said “no” without hesitation. However, now I can say that I feel it is possible and it is okay. I am sure that there are people out there that still feel like you can’t feel both. I think it’s natural. We should feel happy and proud of ourselves for being able to be alone and be able to take care of ourselves. As a woman, I wanted to know that I don’t need a man to take care of me for me to be able to make through life. It’s also natural for us to long for the companionship and that longing does not make you weak. I feel it’s human nature to want that companionship, even though there are probably people out there that do prefer to be alone, which, is also fine.

I am a person that loves having someone to take care of. I want to eventually find that special someone to take care of and have him take care of me. Someone to be my equal, my partner, my teammate. Someone who will work with me and help me out, like I would do for him. Someone who will love and care for my kids as if they were his own. I know he is out there and that I will meet him someday, just like someone is out there for everyone no matter what your own personal sexuality is.

Someday, I will find him. Who knows? Maybe we’ve already met in passing but, just haven’t gotten to know each other yet? Its entirely possible with all the people that are in this world. Until I find him though, I will continue to be myself and enjoy this new life of mine and take care of me and my kids. Continue to live life to the fullest instead of in fear and sadness.

Trip To The Zoo!

My goofy little butterflies!

It has been a great day! I finally got to splurge a little and take my kids to the zoo. Though I spent more than I had planned to, it was worth every penny to finally get to go out and do something with my little warriors. It was the perfect day to go to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo! Yes, it was a little rainy but it only rained as we were getting there and then stopped until we were ready to leave. Talk about luck! AND, because it was a rainy day, it was the perfect temp and not nearly as crowded as it usually is when we go. It truly was a perfect day!

The zoo is something I try to do at least once a year with them. We didn’t get to go last year because of money and years before that, we have only gotten to go a couple times for the same reason. This year is completely different. This is my first summer as a single mom making all of these fun times happen on my own. I feel pretty proud of myself for being able to make today happen especially since I don’t have near the same income as in past years.

Yes, I rode the carousel. No judging! Lol!
My Warrior Prince on the leopard!

We of course went to everything in the zoo! We spent over 3 hours there walking, going on rides, and just having a great time! We saw all the animals there and got to pet the stingrays too! That is something that is only a couple years old for the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo to be doing and I am so happy that they added that! Now we don’t have to go all the way to the Toledo Zoo (the next closest zoo for us) to get to do that! We also went on a few rides, the carousel being the favorite still. I don’t usually get on it with them but, they really wanted me too and how could I refuse those faces! I will admit that I totally had fun though. Warrior Princess was sticking her tongue out at me because I stole the tiger. I think the tiger was happy with me being his rider though! Lol! Warrior Prince was riding the leopard because it was the other cat in the area. He loves ALL cats which makes me happy! Both of my warriors do 🙂

My favorite thing in every zoo however, is the tigers of course. As you may be able to tell, tigers are my favorite animal. I am so sad that they are endangered. It scares me that there may be a day when there are no more of these beautiful animals. The fact that any animal is endangered is sad given the various reasons. I for one don’t ever want to go a day without my beautiful tigers 😦 The one we saw was very tired when we got to him but he sat up and watched me the whole time we were there and as we got ready to move on, he laid back down and went to sleep 🙂

He watched me the entire 10 minutes we spent there! He is gorgeous!

It was a wonderful day and I hope to be able to have many more with my kids this summer!

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